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Simple Carver Suite v5.1 Released


Simple Carver Suite v5.1 Released, new tool added.

Bad Sector Count v1.0, designed to read the FTK Imager Log file, identify any
bad sectors recorded. The bad sectors are counted and includes in a
pre-prepared sentence for inclusion into a report. Includes the option to
specify sector size and auto calculates how much data was not imaged in bytes up
to terabytes.

Example Sentence produced by the software:

There were a total of 24 read errors identified during imaging indicating “bad sectors” on the storage device. Generally this occurs as a result of permanent damage to those sectors. The contents of the sectors that could not be read were replaced with zeros in the image, the total amount of data which could not be read was 12288 bytes (12.00 Kilobytes). The sector size was 512 bytes.